I-Ortholign clear aligners are a series of clear, plastic
appliances used to correct your dental malocclusions.
They apply a gradual force on your tooth to cause
movement, but without metal wires or brackets on teeth.


How It Works

As A Digital Lab With State Of The Art Technologies,You Can Expect An Efficient , Precise & Accurate Output So You Can Focus On Providing Exceptional Patient Care.

Once You Send Us The Intraoral Scan Or Impression Of Your Patient, One Of Our Experienced Team Member Will Call You & Go Over All Your Preferences.

By Combining Your Preferences And Case Goals, Our Team Of Orthodontists & Technicians Will Design, Fabricate & Ensure On Time Delivery Of Your I-Ortholign Clean Aligners.


Still having a doubt?Let's be more clearer!

An Individual must wear I-ortholign clear aligners 20-22 hrs/day to ensure optimum treatment outcomes.

Periodic monitoring of patients with photographs of treatment progress will ensure better results.

Using the attachment tray, you can bond the attachments on to the teeth with flowable light cure composite.

During any stage if aligners are not seated properly kindly contact us with photographs for replacements. Also check wheather the previous set of aligners fit properly

Permanent retainers for upper & lower jaws are a must after aligners treatment to prevent relapse.